Muñoz Miranda Architects


Miranda Muñoz Architects is a multidisciplinary group of Spanish professionals in relation to architecture, urbanism and design in general. It is composed of architects, surveyors, civil engineers, construction engineers, structural engineers, industrial engineers, telecommunications engineers, planners, landscape designers and artists.

Their works have been published internationally in numerous books and magazines. They have also held exhibitions of their works in Venice (Biennale of Architecture, 2000), Madrid (Ministry of Housing and Fine Arts Circle, 2004), New York (Columbia University, 2009) and Brussels (European Union Parliament, 2010).

The work philosophy of this office is to create living spaces for the human always in relation to the environment and quality of space and light. They are also interested in the design of urban furniture elements, as well as in designing sculptures.


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C/ Pedro Antonio de Alarcón  Nº 32  1ºC  18002  Granada